Catch More Fish with Science Seminars- 2015

Evening seminars featuring scientists, professional fishing guides,
and local experts. Hosted by Sam Clardy and Ben Weldon from GCRL's Marine Education Center.

Caylor Auditorium has limited seating, so be sure to book your seat for these popular sessions

Marine scientists from GCRL and local professional fishing guides and experts are teaming up again this year to offer a series of six evening seminars that will help you catch more fish. You'll learn about the habits, habitats and movements of local game fish and discover how to recognize where fish are lurking and why they're there. Marine fisheries scientists will share no-nonsense facts about what fish eat and when they eat, and explain how time of day, tide state, water temperature and salinity, and moon phase affect the movements and appetites of popular game fish. Experienced fishing guides that know the area will impart tips, secrets and their own fishing tails sure to help you hook-up on your target species.  

Each of our evening events includes an invitation to join us for a “mixer” after the seminar. We bring in a local guest chef to prepare dishes using the fish we are targeting that evening.
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Check out these 6 great fishing seminars!

Seminars are intended primarily for adults, over 18 years of age. Persons 12 - 17 years old may attend if accompanied by an adult.

The Secrets to Catching Cobia - April 16, 2015 - 6-8 p.m.

Jim Franks, Senior Research Scientist, GCRL Center for Fisheries Research & Development
Captain Steve Legg, Soul Fisher

Jim Franks will start the 2015 Catch More Fish with Science series off this year with a scientific description of the migratory patterns of cobia (Mississippi’s only officially designated saltwater game fish) and where you’ll be most likely to find them during the year, followed by information on their age, diet and spawning grounds. One of our local fishing experts will tell you about bait, lures, tackle, and techniques to use to land these big fish. Plan to join us for a reception after the question and answer session. Cobia recipes will be prepared by one of our guest chefs for you to sample as you mingle.


Catch More Specks - May 14, 2015 - 6-8 p.m.

Dr. Read Hendon, Associate Director, GCRL and Director, GCRL Center for Fisheries Research & Development
Captain Matt Tusa, Fishing Guide, Shore Thing Charters

Speckled trout are the most popular game fish on the Gulf Coast. The techniques for catching them are as varied as the habitats where you’ll find them. Dr. Read Hendon will impart tips about the lifecycle of the speckled trout, and where to look for them at various times of the year. Captain Matt Tusa from Shore Thing Fishing Charters will tell you to candidly how to catch more of them, what they like to eat and what lures them in to take what you are offering. Our guest chef for the evening will prepare speckled trout dishes that inspire you to get creative with your own catch.

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Encounter More Flounder - June 18, 2015 - 6-8 p.m.

Sam Clardy, Coordinator of Educational Programs, Marine Education Center, GCRL
Captain Ronnie Daniels, Fisherman Guide Service

Our local waters are full of flounder. This feisty flatfish can be caught on conventional fishing tackle or they can be stalked. Educator Sam Clardy will share valuable information on the biology, habitat and behavior of the species of southern and Gulf Flounder. Captain Ronnie Daniels will talk about where to find the flounder, what baits and rigging techniques are most productive. After covering rod and reel fishing for flounder, Captain Ronnie will share tips for how to equip, rig and what to look for to have a successful outing for gigging flounder.  Our chef for the evening will have some classic flounder dishes for you to sample while you are visiting with our presenters and experts.


Fish Fry Fishin’ - White Trout and Ground Mullet - July 16, 2015 - 6-8 p.m.

Benjamin Weldon, Marine Education Specialist

Sometimes when a fish fry is calling your name and the goal is to feed the multitudes, limits can be so…..”limiting”. Benjamin Weldon will help you put more fish in the cooler for your summer entertaining. You will learn the biology and where to find schools of white trout and ground mullet and how to catch them fast. We will talk about what you need to have handy to make the most of baits, lures, tackle and techniques. After the question and answer session we will move to the outdoor reception and mixer for a fish cleaning competition to see who gets the largest yield from a single fish.  Our guest chef will prepare fish fry fare with a twist to help you have the best fish fry ever!


Reel in the Reds - August 20, 2015 - 6-8 p.m.

Jill Hendon, Research Scientist, Center for Fisheries Research & Development, GCRL 
Captain Ronnie Daniels, Fisherman Guide Service

Red Drum, or Redfish, are a much sought-after sportfish here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Fishermen search them out as much for the thrill of the fight as for their value for the dinner table (Blackened Redfish, Redfish on the Half Shell and Redfish Courtbouillion). Because reds tail as they feed in shallow water, it is thrilling and challenging to "sight fish" for them. Scientist Jill Hendon will present valuable information on the biology, habitats, and behavior of red drum. Captain Ronnie Daniels will provide the secrets sure to increase your success at reeling in more reds.


It’s Black & White - Black Drum & Sheepshead - September 17, 2015 - 6-8 p.m.

Gary Gray, Research Scientist, Center for Fisheries Research & Development, GCRL 
Captain Sonny Schindler, Shore Thing Fishing Charters

Our Mississippi Gulf Coast waters are full of black drum and sheepshead. Some of our local anglers know how much fun they are to catch and to eat. Secretly they are hoping other fishermen don’t catch on. Research Scientist Gary Gray will share information about their lifecycle, how and where to find black drum and sheepshead and what they eat and when. Our fishing expert, Captain Sonny Schindler will share the secrets for how to look for them, catch them and inspire you to add them to your list of target species. Our guest chef will prepare a selection of dishes featuring both species. Enjoy a demonstration of how to clean sheepshead to make the most of your catch.  

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