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Mississippi Beach Monitoring Program

Sampling Station 01 (Hancock County, MS)
Location: [EPA:MS447804] Lakeshore Beach near Lakeshore Drive, Bay St. Louis
3014.778'N 8925.487'W
(Tier I)

Station 01

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Note: Only an advisory associated with water sample analysis from this station location will be displayed here. To view the beach status at aother sampling location,
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Area Beach Status Update:
> 04/18/2014 until further notice- WATER CONTACT ADVISORY as a result of probable high bacteria levels at the following location: the beach area including Hancock County station 01 ([EPA:MS447804] Lakeshore Beach near Lakeshore Drive, Bay St. Louis). The extent is from the Sliver Slipper Casino eastward to the jetty west of Poinset Avenue. This segment of beach is not closed; however, there may be an increased risk of illness associated with swimming in the area.
MDEQ advises against swimming and other water contact in these waters until water samples show a consistent safe level for human contact. When water samples show that levels are safe for human contact, the beach advisory will be lifted. Additionally, swimmers are reminded that the Beach Task Force has a standing recommendation that swimming not occur during or within 24 hours of a significant rainfall event.

The Gulf Coast Research Laboratory, which performs water sampling of the Mississippi Gulf Coast beaches for MDEQ, will notify the agency when the area has returned to acceptable levels.

[Station 01]
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