Faculty and Staff


  • Jerry "Joby" Bass  Cultural Landscapes, Latin American, U.S. South
  • Gregory A. Carter  Remote Sensing, Physical Geography, Coastal Systems
  • David Cochran  Cultural and Political Ecology, Hazards, Latin America
  • Clifton "Skeeter" Dixon  Cultural, Tropical Land Use, Settlement, Middle America
  • Grant Harley Dendrochronology, Climatology, Forest Ecology, Biogeography
  • Omar Harvey Geochemistry, Carbon Sequestratioin, Environmental Geology
  • Frank Heitmuller  Fluvial Geomorphology, Surface-water Hydrology, Sedimentology, Instream-flow Science
  • David H. Holt  GIS, Physical Geography, Cartography
  • Bandana Kar  GIScience, Remote Sensing, Hazards
  • Mark Miller  Economic Development - Rural and Low-Income regions, Caribbean
  • Lin Pope  Mineralogy, Volcanology, Geological Education
  • George Raber  Remote Sensing, GIS, Environmental Modeling, Terrain Analysis
  • Carl "Andy" Reese  Palynology, Biogeography, Climate-Environmental Change, Mountaineering


Emeritus Professors in Residence

  • Jess McKee  Mississippi Geography, Choctow Indians, Regional and Human Geography 3
  • Maurice Meylan  Subsurface Stratigraphy, Structure of Southern Mississippi
  • David Patrick  Environmental Geology, Hydrology
  • Gail Russell Appalachian Geochronology, Applied Geochemistry