Gregory A. Carter

Associate Professor of Geography

Interim Associate Dean, Gulf Coast College of Science and Technology


B.S. 1979 Auburn University
M.S. 1982 Auburn University
Ph.D. 1985 University of Wyoming



  • GHY 411/511 Remote Sensing and Image Interpretation
  • GHY 412/512 Environmental Remote Sensing
  • GHY 612/712 Seminar in Geographic Information Science
  • I also teach several seminars focused upon remote sensing
    applications and landscape ecology.



Physical Geography, Coastal Systems, Remote Sensing, Biogeography, Landscape Ecology

Academically I am trained as a botanist.  However after working for more than fourteen years with NASA at Stennis Space Center, I have become trained and focused upon the application of remote sensing to research questions related to landscape ecology and geography.  My students and I have been recently working on mapping seagrass beds in the shallow near-shore areas of the Mississippi Sound, we have studied the impact of hurricanes upon the vegetation on the Mississippi Barrier Islands, we are looking at species diversity on the barrier islands, and we are looking at the long-term migration or movement of barrier islands and their stability as affected by vegetative cover.

Much of my research is continually funded by NASA and NOAA.  I serve as the Chief Research Scientist for the Gulf Coast Geospatial Center.  My research is very field oriented; where we are continually attempting to adjust and rectify our technology and imagery to best 'fit' field data.