Geography BS Degree

Geography Undergraduate Studies

Geography Major

The Department of Geography and Geology at The University of Southern Mississippi offers the only baccalaureate degree in geography in Mississippi. We offer a B.S. degree in Geography, as well as a B.S. with specialization in Geographic Information Technology (GIT).

Courses are designed to provide students with a wide range of career opportunities, as well as prepare students for graduate studies. Students majoring in Geography will work closely with an adviser in order to tailor the course work to fit their career goals.

There GIT emphasis prepares students for professional employment or graduate study in fields applying computerized methods of geographic data analysis. Majors will emphasize cartography, remote sensing and digital image interpretation, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). For more information on these degree plans, please contact the department.

Students majoring in either of these programs must complete the General Education Core for the University, as well as, the courses for the degree plan.  Both degrees have a minimum requirement of 124 credit hours.  For more information, visit the University of Southern Mississippi’s Admissions web page or apply for admission online.


Geography Minor

Students seeking a minor in geography must complete 18 hours including GHY 101, either GHY 104/GHY 104L or GHY 105/GHY 105L, and either GHY 210/GHY 210L or GHY 217/GHY 217L.  The remaining hours can be chosen from any courses numbered 300 and above.

Students considering seeking a Minor in Geography should consult with the Department Chair as early as possible in order to be assigned a department faculty advisor to assist with advising.