Graduate Programs in Geography

Welcome! Here you will find information regarding the graduate program in Geography at the University of Southern Mississippi.

Established in 1912, USM houses one of the oldest geography programs in the U.S.  We also house one of the newer doctoral programs in geography, established in 2006.  Whether master’s or doctoral level, graduate students work closely with their supervising professors to develop original research projects as they also develop the skills and background requisite of a professional geographer. Most faculty have international research expertise, with particular specialization in Latin America and Europe.  Faculty engage in research projects that span a large breadth of the discipline, including geographic information technology and webmapping, environmental change, cultural landscapes, environmental perception, palynology, economic development, and human-environment relationships.

The Department offers a program of study and research leading to a Master of Science and a Doctor of Philosophy in Geography. The program provides education in the discipline's history and philosophy and current research programs and conceptual developments. Field and archival methods, geographic information techniques, quantitative and qualitative methods provide students with necessary research tools and skills.  Interdisciplinary backgrounds are encouraged and are developed through course work in other disciplines, as well as through involvement in research colloquia across campus. Students are encouraged to attend and present papers at regional and national professional meetings.  The department has a strong presence at the annual SEDAAG meeting, while faculty and students belong to and attend meetings of numerous other professional organizations. Through our graduate program students will become professional geographers and develop research skills and techniques that will allow them to be competitive in the private or public sector.

Graduate students can design their course of study/research and concentrate in one of the subfieldsof geography that the faculty support. These areas include, but are not limited to, geospatial technologies (remote sensing, GIS, cartography), cultural geography, geomorphology, environmental change, biogeography, cultural and political ecology, economic development, Latin America and the U.S. South.

In addition to specializations in different areas of geography, the department maintains collaborative relationships with a number of different academic units at the university as well as a number of outside agencies, including a cooperative relationship with the John C. Stennis Space Center in Bay St. Louis. Faculty members are also closely associated with the graduate programs in other programs at USM and at other universities.

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