Approval Chart


Course additions/deletions/inactivation X X X      
Course modifications:  
   Credit hours X X X      
   Grading method X X X      
   CIP code X X X      
   Course title X X X      
   Title abbreviation X X X      
   Course description X X X      
   General Education Curriculum X X X      
   Method of Instruction X X X      
Addition, deletion, modification or relocation of an academic minor or emphasis area and/or certificates X X X X    
Modification or relocation of a certificate. X X X X    
Addition or deletion of a certificate X X X X   X
Program modification (degree plan change, GPA requirements, admissions restrictions) X X X X    
Offering an existing degree program by distance learning X X X X X X**
New degree program X X X X X X***
Modification to existing degree program (renaming, consolidation, suspension, deletion, or relocation) X X X X X X***
Modifications to existing academic units (renaming, reorganization, deletion) X X X X X X***
New Academic Unit (for information and response) X X X X X X***

DC/CC=department and college councils; REG=Registrar; AC/GC=Academic and/or Graduate Council;PROV=Provost; PRES=President; IHL=Board of Trustees for the State Institutions of Higher Learning 

*The Professional Education Council must also approve proposals involving the university's professional education unit. See here.**Offering an existing degree program by distance learning requires IHL notification.***All IHL proposals require submission of an IHL form. Forms can be found here.