Graduate Student Senate

The purpose of the Graduate Student Senate (GSS) is to provide the student perspective to the dean of the Graduate School who serves as its official adviser. It is a voice for all graduate students and an advocate for their concerns and ideas concerning graduate education and graduate students at The University of Southern Mississippi. The Senate is composed of a representative from each department or school nominated by the chair or director.


Graduate Student Senate Officers 2015

Graduate Student Senate By-laws Committee 2015
(front row - from left to right) Alisha Sink - President Elect, Tamanna Shanta - President
(back row - from left to right) Carley Reynolds - Recorder and
David Sones – Treasurer 
(from left to right) Alisha Frazier, James Pitts, John Mortimer, Willie Tubbs and Missy Brame
Graduate Student Senate Symposium Committee 2015Graduate Student Senate Social Committee 2015

(seated from left to right) Allison Battaglia, Chrissy Savell, Caroline Fjeldheim (standing from left to right) Balaram KhatriGhimire, Xiaohui Liu, Hunter Cooke and Hunter Joplin

(from left to right) Isaac Akogwu, Emily Goff, Molly Chaffin, Kandice Gunning and (not pictured) Ashley Scales
Graduate Student Senate Membership 2015
Accounting (David Sones)
Anthropology and Sociology (Ryle Halfhill)
Biological Sciences (Grover Brown)
Business-MBA (Karen Phan)
Chemistry and Biochemistry (Tamanna Shanta)
Child and Family Studies (Missy Brame)
Coastal Sciences (Elizabeth Jones)
Communication Studies (Carley Reynolds)
Computing (Isaac Akogwu)
Construction (vacant)
Criminal Justice (James Pitts)
Curriculum, Instruction and Special Education (Lin Zhong)
Economic Development, Tourism and Sports Management (Alicia Frazier)
Educational Leadership and School Counseling (vacant)
Educational Studies and Research (vacant)
English (Hunter Joplin)
Foreign Languages and Literatures (vacant)
Geography and Geology
(Xiaohui Liu)
History (John Mortimer)
Human Capital Development (Ashley Scales)
Kinesiology (Alisha Sink)
Library and Information Science (Michael Oden)
Marine Science (Kandice Gunning)
Mass Communication and Journalism (Willie Tubbs)
Mathematics (Balaram KhatriGhimire)
Medical Laboratory Science (vacant)
Music (Caroline Fjeldheim)
Nursing-Advanced Practice (vacant)
Nursing (Systems Leadership and Health Outcomes (Christy Savell)
Nutrition and Food Systems (Molly Chaffin)
Physics and Astronomy (Sidney Gautrau)
Political Science and International Affairs (Vivian Ike and Josh Darichuk)
Polymer Science (Hunter Cooke)
Psychology (Allison Battaglia)
Public Health (Sam Miller)
Science and Mathematics Education (Kathleen Bass)
Social Work
(Emily Goff)
Speech and Hearing Sciences (Stephen Williams)
Theatre (Drew Davidson)