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IFC Recruitment
IFC Recruitment




Recruitment 2015


            On behalf of the Office of Greek Life and the Interfraternity Council, I would like to personally welcome you to The University of Southern Mississippi. I hope your summer was enjoyable and you are preparing for the upcoming semester. One of the greatest benefits of campus life is the opportunity to “go Greek.” As a student, you will meet new faces and make lifelong friends. You will also have the opportunity to join a fraternity system, which has so much to offer its members: brotherhood, community service, philanthropies, academic excellence, social networking and support, as well as tremendous campus involvement.

As the Interfraternity Council president, I have the privilege to work as a proponent and spokesperson for all 9 fraternities and proudly say that each one has something different to offer students. Below, you will find a brochure describing Greek Life and our 9 IFC chapters at Southern Miss. Greek life is much more than a social experience that you only enjoy while in college. Fraternity life is a lifelong commitment to a network of brothers around the world—a campus experience known for developing leaders and giving back to local and national philanthropies in staggering amounts. As a student who was raised in the Hattiesburg area, I thought I knew everything about Southern Miss and what it had in store for me, but joining a fraternity opened my eyes to the best experience that college has to offer. I am sure many of you were exceptional leaders in high school, probably athletes, student government officers, scholars or campus favorites. In pursuing similar goals in college, you will soon see that practically every facet of campus life is highly impacted or led by Greek members. I firmly believe that the values and principles upheld by fraternities bring out the best in their members. Fraternity life will challenge even the best of students to find their identities, to set goals high and never settle, and ultimately teach them what it means to be a leader. As you walk across campus this fall, know that one out of every four students you pass will be Greek, and this is our ultimate source of pride. I invite you to join the ranks of your peers, men who make a difference in today’s world and represent the best our state has to offer. I am here as a testament of what Greek life can provide, and I offer you the same experience. Please reach out to me or the IFC staff at any point with questions.

Southern Miss to the Top!

Andy Burleson 

Interfraternity Council President

IFC Recruitment Booklet



The Interfraternity Council (IFC) remains in a perpetual state of recruitment (a.k.a. "rush"). As each of our fraternities are constantly hosting recruitment activities, September and February tend to be when most recruitment events occur. While individual chapters host specific events, the IFC also hosts events that include all chapters. 

How much does it cost to rush?  It is FREE to participate in.

Does it cost anything if I join a chapter?  Yes. The bid fee is $50 and can be paid with cash or check. 
Can I pay with a credit card?
  At this point, we do not take credit cards.
Can I put it on my student account? 
At this point, we do not have the ability to do that.
Are there any other fees?
 In addition to the bid signing fee paid to join, every chapters collect dues.  Dues go to pay insurance, fun social and philanthropic activities, and many other things.  Chapters collect these dues in a variety of ways, and are very good about working with you should you need assistance. Many offer scholarships or payment plans to their members.  Also, fraternity housing will assess a $50 "PARLOR" fee which WILL go on your student account.  This is what everyone who is a member of a fraternity pays if they do not live in the house. It goes toward the chapter room and house maintenence.Register on GreekRush App Store Android