Department of Political Science

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2013-14_Political Science BA Degree Plan  [PDF]

2013-14_Political Science BA Semester Guide [PDF]


Why Major in Politicial Science?

The mission of the Department of Political Science is to foster critical, independent thinking about politics and public policy.  Majors will become conscious of the many complex ways in which political forces - both domestic and global - shape their lives.

Coursework in politicial science provides the opportunity for in-depth study of the distribution, maintenance and legitimization of political control.  This enables students to identify, analyze and critically interrogate relations of power and governance.  Students will understand the political processes that form public polices and impact citizens, as well as the political culture that allows citizens to change the ways in which those processes function.

Politicial Science Career Paths:

  • Law
  • Journalism
  • Policy Development and Implementation
  • Business
  • Teaching
  • Work in Governmental and Non-Governmental Organizations


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