Radio Appearances by Faculty

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Dr. Bob Pauly

Dr. Bob Pauly discusses American foreign policy and national security issues on the Gulf Coast Mornings Radio Show on 104.9 FM each week.  This Thursday, Dr. Pauly assessed the effects of Russia's annexation of the Crimean region of Ukraine on the inter- and intra-European and transatlantic relationships to date. Here are links to those segments:

Robert Harenski

Instructor of Paralegal Studies Robert Harenski appears on the Gulf Coast Mornings Radio Show on 104.9 FM each week.  This Wednesday, he discussed a range of local, state and national legal issues. Here are links to those segments:

Dr. Bob Pauly6/11/15
Robert Harenski6/10/15
Dr. Bob Pauly6/4/15
Robert Harenski6/3/15
Dr. Bob Pauly5/28/15
Robert Harenski5/27/15
Dr. Bob Pauly5/21/15
Robert Harenski5/20/15
Dr. Bob Pauly5/14/15
Robert Harenski5/13/15
Dr. Bob Pauly5/7/15
Robert Harenski5/6/15
Dr. Bob Pauly4/30/15
Robert Harenski4/29/15
Dr. Bob Pauly4/23/15
Robert Harenski4/22/15
Dr. Bob Pauly4/16/15
Robert Harenski4/15/15
Dr. Bob Pauly4/9/15
Robert Harenski4/8/15
Dr. Bob Pauly04/02/15
Robert Harenski04/01/15
Dr. Bob Pauly3/26/15
Robert Harenski3/25/15
Dr. Bob Pauly03/19/15
Robert Harenski03/18/15
Dr. Bob Pauly03/12/15
Robert Harenski03/11/15
Dr. Bob Pauly03/05/15
Robert Harenski03/04/15
Dr. Bob Pauly02/26/15
Robert Harenski02/25/15?
Dr. Bob Pauly02/19/15
Robert Harenski02/18/15
Dr. Bob Pauly02/12/15
Robert Harenski02/11/12
Dr. Bob Pauly2/5/15
Robert Harenski2/4/15
Dr. Bob Pauly01/29/15
Dr. Bob Pauly01/22/15
Robert Harenski01/21/15
Dr. Bob Pauly01/15/15
Robert Harenski01/14/15
Dr. Bob Pauly01/08/15
Robert Harenski01/07/15
Dr. Bob Pauly12/18/14
Robert Harenski12/17/14
Dr. Bob Pauly12/11/14
Robert Harenski12/10/14
Dr. Bob Pauly12/4/14
Robert Harenski12/3/14
Dr. Bob Pauly11/20/14
Robert Harenski11/19/14
Dr. Bob Pauly13/14
Robert Harenski11/12/14
Dr. Bob
Robert Harenski11/5/14
Dr. Bob Pauly10/30/14
Robert Harenski10/29/14
Dr. Bob Pauly10/23/14
Robert Harenski10/22/14
Dr. Bob Pauly10/9/14
Robert Harenski10/8/14
Dr. Bob Pauly10/2/14
Robert Harenski10/1/14
Dr. Bob Pauly


Robert Harenski9/24/14
Dr. Bob Pauly9/18/14
Robert Harenski8/17/14
Dr. Bob Pauly9/11/14
Robert Harenski9/10/14
Dr. Bob Pauly9/4/14
Robert Harenski9/3/14
Dr. Bob Pauly8/28/14
Dr. Marie Leonard8/27/14
Robert Harenski8/27/14
Dr. Bob Pauly8/21/14
Robert Harenski8/20/14
Dr. Bob Pauly8/14/14
Robert Harenski8/13/14
Dr. Bob Pauly8/7/14
Robert Harenski8/6/14
Dr. Bob Pauly07/31/14
Robert Harenski07/30/14
Dr. Bob Pauly7/24/14
Robert Harenski7/23/14
Dr. Bob Pauly7/17/14
Robert Harenski7/16/14
Dr. Bob Pauly7/10/14
Robert Harenski7/9/14
Dr. Bob Pauly7/3/14
Robert Harenski 7/2/14
Dr. Bob Pauly6/26/14
Robert Harenski6/25/14
Dr. Bob Pauly 6/19/14
Robert Harenski6/18/14
Dr. Bob Pauly6/12/14
Dr. Marie Leonard6/12/14
Robert Harenski6/11/14