Undergraduate Majors


English [web site]


Paralegal [web site]

 English_Degree_Plan [PDF]

English_Semester_Guide [PDF]
(guideline only--schedule subject to change)


Paralegal_Studies_Degree_Plan  [PDF]

Paralegal_Studies_Semester_Guide [PDF]


English Licensure [web site]


Political Science [web site]

 English_Licensure_Degree_Plan [PDF]

English_Licensure_Semester_Guide [PDF]
(guideline only -- schedule subject to change)


Political_Science_Degree_Plan  [PDF]

Political_Science_Semester_Guide [PDF]


Entertainment Industry (Film) [web site]


Interdisciplinary [web site]


Entertainment_Industry_Film_Semester_Guide [PDF]
(guideline only -- schedule subject to change)

  Interdisciplinary_Studies_Degree_Plan [PDF]




History [web site]

 History_Degree_Plan [PDF]
History_Semester_Guide [PDF]
(guideline only -- schedule subject to change)

 History Licensure [web site]

 History_Licensure_Degree_Plan [PDF]
History_Licensure_Semester_Guide [PDF]
(guideline only -- schedule subject to change)
2012-2013_Undergraduate_Bulletin [PDF]
Course_Descriptions_2012-2013 [PDF]
Academic Calendar [HTML]

The above degree plans are taken from the 2012-2013 Bulletin/Catalog.  Degree plans are subject to annual changes.  Currently enrolled students should always verify correct and current changes by reviewing their “Progress Degree” (DPR) on their SOAR student panel. Always consult with advisors for any changes in course requirements.

Contact Program Coordinator for more information, lori.brommer@usm.edu.