General Tuition & Fees

Tuition is charged per credit hour up to twelve (12) hours for undergraduates and up to nine (9) hours for graduates. Tuition is a flat rate for twelve (12) to nineteen (19) hours for undergraduates and nine (9) to thirteen (13) hours for graduates. Mini Session hours do not count in the flat rate hours.  An additional per hour surcharge will be assessed for each credit hour over nineteen (19) for undergraduates and over thirteen (13) for graduates.

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Undergraduate Tuition Rates (Academic Year 2014)
Fall 2013/Spring 2014/Summer 2014
***Note:  Out of State Fees are waived for Summer Term ***

 Semester Hours

 Resident Tuition    Add'l Non Resident Tuition 

Total Tuition for Non Residents

1281 345 626
2562 690 1,252
3843 1,035 1,878
41,124 1,380 2,504
51,405 1,725 3,130
61,686 2,070 3,756
71,967 2,415 4,382
82,248 2,760 5,008
92,529 3,105 5,634
102,810 3,450 6,260
113,091 3,795 6,886
123,372 4,140 7,512
133,372 4,140 7,512
143,372 4,140 7,512
153,372 4,140 7,512
163,372 4,140 7,512
173,372 4,140 7,512
183,372 4,140 7,512
193,372 4,140 7,512
203,653    4,140    7,793
213,934  4,140 8,074
All fees are subject to change without notice.
Graduate Tuition Rates (Academic Year 2014)
Fall 2013/Spring 2014/Summer 2014
***Note:  Out of State Fees are waived for Summer Term***
Semester Hours Resident Tuition     Add'l Non Resident Tuition      

Total Tuition for Non Residents

1375 460 835
2750 920 1,670
31,125 1,380 2,505
41,500 1,840 3,340
51,875 2,300 4,175
62,250 2,760 5,010
72,625 3,220 5,845
83,000 3,680 6,680
93,372 4,140 7,512
103,372 4,140 7,512
113,372 4,140 7,512
123,372 4,140 7,512
133,372 4,140 7,512
143,747 4,140 7,887
154,122 4,140 8,262
164,497 4,140 8,637
174,872 4,140 9,012
185,247 4,140 9,387
195,622 4,140 9,762
205,997 4,140 10,137
216,372 4,140 10,512

All fees are subject to change without notice.

General tuition is the basic fee that all students are assessed for enrollment in the University and is approved by the Board of Trustees of The Mississippi Institutions of Higher Learning. This fee, together with the allocation from the legislative appropriation is used for general support of the University.

The University of Southern Mississippi is supported chiefly by legislative appropriations. Increases in student fees are put into effect only when public support funds are inadequate and no other recourse is available.  Increases are made only for support of the institution or improvement of the activity program of the students; therefore, the university must reserve the right to increase or modify fees without prior notice but with approval of the Board of Trustees of State Institutions of Higher Learning.


  • Tuition for mini-session classes is charged the same rate per semester hour as regular classes
  • Out of State fees are waived for mini-session classes
  • Mini-session classes are billed in addition to regular classes




Fee Payment


Minimum Payment

One-half of a student's tuition, room and board, and fees will be required for students to charge to their student accounts.  Students with university loans, grants or scholarships may use those funds as payment for the first half of total fees.

Loans, grants and scholarship checks made payable to the university must be applied to charges in full before a refund or change can be given. These loans, grants and scholarships may not be used to pay prior semester outstanding balances.


Deferred Fees

Fees deferred past the last day to register each term will be billed monthly.  A monthly finance charge of 1.5% will be applied to the unpaid balance as of the due date.  All charges for a term must be paid by the end of the term to avoid a $100 Late Payment Fee and possible cancellation of pre-registered classes for the upcoming semester.

Classes may be dropped and the $100 Late Payment Fee assessed if a check which prevented class cancellation is returned.


Delinquent Accounts/Collection Costs

The University reserves the right to withhold readmission of a student until all delinquent accounts have been paid.  Transcripts of credits will not be issued for students who owe a balance to the University.  All fees must be paid before a degree will be awarded.  Payments by personal check on delinquent accounts will be sent for collection before transcripts will be released.  To avoid any delay in receiving these documents, payments can be made by cash, cashier’s check or money order.

By registering for classes, a student agrees to the terms and conditions in the AGREEMENT TO PAY as posted in SOAR including but not limited to the following:

  • The student entered a legally binding contract to pay all tuition, fees and related expenses.

  • The student is liable for all collection costs and attorney fees that Southern Miss may incur to collect any unpaid balance on the student account.