Workshops and Seminars



Throughout the semester, the BASE Center will offer several academic and professional success seminars.  All seminars are available by request.  The workshops are approximately 45 minutes in length and will cover topics such as:

Creating visually appealing and effective presentations (PowerPoint and Prezi)

  • Aesthetic design
  • How to compliment, not detract from the delivery

Managing the group dynamic

  • Forming an effective team
  • Project Management
  • Conflict Resolution

Research methods to obtain high quality sources   

  • How to read and use academic journals
  • Which online sources are credible
  • Finding academic journal articles online

Professional Communication

  • How to properly compose e-mails for different business contexts

Dining Etiquette

  • Lunch and Dinner interviews
  • Dining etiquette when hosting or as a guest
  • General dining etiquette


Contact us at to schedule a seminar today!



The Gulf Coast Libraries are pleased to present the learning series 60 Minutes to Success this academic year. Students, faculty, staff and university community members are welcomed to take advantage of these free workshops.  For more information, visit the Southern Miss Gulf Coast Libraries.


The mini-workshop can be scheduled by individuals or small groups.  Mini-workshops will last approximately 30-45 minutes and offer guidelines for effective and practical study strategies.

A session can focus on any of the following topics:

• Test preparation
• Test-taking
• Taking notes from the textbook
• Taking lecture notes