Teach Mississippi Institute (TMI)


The Teach Mississippi Institute (TMI) is an option for a student who has a bachelor's degree in an area other than education, and who is seeking an initial license to teach in a secondary content area and earn a certificate, not a degree.  For admission, students are expected to :

  • Apply on paper forms through the Graduate School by filling out the Application for Graduate Certificate Program, as well as the Non-Degree Enrollment Form for each course during each term period.  On the application, check "TMI".  On the Enrollment Form, check #4 and write TMI.
  • Submit official transcripts indicating a Bachelor's degree, in an approved major outside of education, to the Graduate School.
  • Have a 2.75 GPA on the last 62 credit hours of Bachelor's degree.
  • Pass the CORE, or ACT at 21 + composite with no scale score below 19 (all on the same test date).
  • Pass Praxis II.  Official scores should be sent to the Mississippi Department of Education Office of the Educator Licensure, with a copy to Southern Miss.
  • No GRE is required.

Once you have been accepted for admission, submit to a background check and purchase a subscription to Tk20, an assessment software.  Per the department, there is no admissions deadline; admissions is rolling.

The plan of study requires 12 credit hours (Course Descriptions.pdf)  Upon securing an internship, the student will register for their last class:  the supervised internship.  Southern Miss' TMI staff/faculty will make classroom visits during the year as well as maintain e-mail and/or chatroom communications to address concerns experienced during instruction.  Internships are designed for instructional support and assessment of teaching effectiveness.  Once the internship is completed successfully, the student will earn another certificate of completion for the internship portion of the program.  Completion of the internship satisfies state requirements for a five-year alternate route teaching license in your area of expertise.