Summer 2014 Course Listings

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Summer 2014 Course Listings
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The Film Program at Southern Miss Gulf Park campus is offering four courses that may be of interest to students, faculty and staff across  campus:

  • Introduction to Film Studies (FLM 170) MoWe 10:20-2:50 5W2 is an introductory course on the film art form and how functions in films of various types and cultural perspectives.
  • The Western Film (FLM 436) TTH 12:40-5:10 5W1 is a survey of the western film genre and will explore its development and change in relation to changes in American culture.
  • Film Business (FLM 475) MoWe 12:40-5:10 5W1 is an overview of the business of filmmaking including producing, distribution, exhibition and production management practices.
  • Special Topics In Film (FLM 478) MoWe 6-10:10 5W2 will focus on the African-American Image in film.
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