Thomas J. Lipscomb, Ph.D.

Associate Dean - College of Education and Psychology

Professor - Educational Studies and Research


Consumer Decision-Making for Professional Services; Organizational Culture; Behavorial Science Research Methodology


Totten, J., Lipscomb, T., & Jones, M. (in press). Attitudes Toward and Stereotypes of Persons with Body Art: Implications for Marketing Management. The Academy of Marketing Studies Journal.

Lipscomb, T., Jones, M. & Totten, J. (2008). Body art:  Prevalence, search and evaluation among university business students.  Services Marketing Quarterly 29 (4) 42-65.

Lipscomb, T., Totten, J., Cook, R., & Lesch, W. (2007).  Cellular telephone etiquitte among college students. The International Journal of Consumer Studies, 31(1), 46 -  56.


Sonstrom, W.J., Shelley, K., Lipscomb, T., & Hill, L. (February 2009). Components of Students' Attitudes Toward Statistics.  Paper accepted for presentation at the annual meeting of the Southeastern Psychological Association.

Totten, J., Lipscomb, T., & Jones, M. (April 2009). Implications of Attitudes Toward Persons with Body Art.  Paper presented at the annual meeting of Academy of Marketing Studies, New Orleans, LA.

Barnes, L., Latham, L., & Lipscomb, T. (February 2009).  Behavior Patterns of Physical Therapists in Screening for Loss of Protective Sensation in Clients with Diabetes. Poster presented at the annual meeting of the American Physical Therapy Association, Las Vegas, NV.