Council Meeting Dates/Times

 The Gulf Coast Faculty Council meetings are held on Fridays at 1:30 p.m.  Location will be posted next to each meeting time.

Fall 2014 meetings:

September 19th (Hardy Hall 214) September 2014 Minutes

October 10th (Hardy Hall 214)

November 14th (Hardy Hall 214)November 2014 Minutes

January 23rd (Hardy Hall 214)January 2015 Minutes

February 20th (Hardy Hall 214)

March 20th (Hardy Hall 2014)

April 17th (Hardy Hall 2014)

AY 2013-2014 meetings:

August 23rd (Lloyd Hall 102) August 2013 Minutes

September 13th (Hardy Hall 214) September 2013 Minutes

October 11th (Science Building 102) October 2013 Minutes

November 11th (Hardy Hall 214) November 2013 Minutes

Special meeting December 6th @ 9am (Hardy Hall 214) December 2013 Minutes

December 13th (Hardy Hall 214) Meeting Canceled by vote of Faculty Council

February 21st (Hardy Hall 214) February 2014 Minutes

March 28th (Hardy Hall 214)March 2014 Minutes

April 11th (FEC 101) April 2014 Minutes

May 9th (Hardy Hall 214) May 2014 Minutes