Gulf Coast Faculty Council Membership 2013-2014

President – James Pat Smith

Secretary – Karen Rich

President-elect – Casey Maugh

Secretary-elect – Heidi Lyn

College of Arts and Letters
Marie Leonard, Assitant Professor of Sociology (1st term ends 2014)

College of Business
Lance Hopkins, Assistant Professor of Practice in Marketing (1st term ends 2015)

College of Education and Psychology
Heidi Lyn, Assistant Professor of Psychology  (2nd term ends 2015)

College of Health
Danielle Fastring, Assistant Professor of Community Health Sciences (1st term ends 2015)

College of Nursing

Karen rich, Associate Professor of Nursing (2nd term ends 2015)

College of Science and Technology
Jennifer Walker, Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences (2nd term ends 2015)

University Library
Peter Dean, Assistant Professor/ Reference Librarian (1st term ends 2014)

Don Redalje, Professor of Marine Science (1st term ends 2014)

Eric Saillant, Assistant Professor of Coastal Sciences (2nd term ends 2015)

At-Large Member

Patsy Anderson, College of Nursing (2nd term ends 2015)

Faculty Senators
Lin Agler, Associate Professor of Psychology (1st term ends 2014)

Allisa Beck, Collection Management Librarian (1st term ends 2015)

Kevin Dillon, Associate Professor fo Chemical Oceanography (1st term ends 2014)

David Holt,Associate Professor of Geography (1st term ends 2016)

Marlene Naquin, Instructor/ lab coordinator Mathematics (1st term ends 2014)

James Pat Smith, Professor of History (1st term end 2014)

Jeremy Wiggert, Assistant Professor in Marine Science (term ends 2014)

Kenneth Zantow, Associate Professor of Management (1st terms ends 2016)


Desmond Fletcher, Faculty Senate President 2013-2014