Gulf Coast Faculty Council

PresidentMarlene Naquin
SecretaryAllisa Beck
President-electKenneth Zantow
Secretary-electJennifer Walker

College of Arts and Letters

Jack Covarrubias(2nd term ends 2012)
Casey Maugh(1st term ends 2013)

College of Business

Kenneth Zantow(1st term ends 2013)
Cheri Becker(1st term ends 2013)

College of Education and Psychology

Holly Hurlbert(1st term ends 2012)
Heidi Lyn(1st term ends 2013)

College of Health

Karen Rich(1st term ends 2012)
Tom Osowski(2nd term ends 2013)

College of Science and Technology

Jennifer Walker(1st term ends 2013)
Sumanth Yenduri(complete term for M. Naquin, ends 2013)

University Libraries

Allisa Beck(1st term extended to 2012)

Stennis Space Center

Scott Milroy(2nd term ends 2012)

Gulf Coast Research Laboratory

Richard Heard(1st term ends 2013)


James Pat Smith(1st term ends 2014)
Lin Agler(1st term ends 2014)
Dale Lunsford(completing Zantow term, 1st term ends 2012)
Marlene Naquin(1st term ends 2014)