Staff Awards Instructions and Nomination Form

In many diverse ways, persons serving as staff at the University provide the support necessary for faculty and administrators to deliver a quality education and service to the students of The University of Southern Mississippi Gulf Park Campus.

In recognition of the integral role they play, three awards will be made, one in each of the following categories:  (1) Administrative/Professional Staff; (2) Support Staff; (3) Physical Plant and University Police.  Award recipients will be recognized at a Staff Appreciation Day event February 12, 2015.  Each award winner will receive a mounted certificate signed by the Vice President of the Gulf Park Campus as well as a $400 honorarium.


  • All current full-time staff members with at least two full years of service.
  • Categories (With Example Titles of Each):
    • Administrative/Professional - (Exempt level employees - Salaried) Analysts, Coordinators, Managers, Specialists
    • Support Staff - (Non-exempt employees - Hourly) - Administrative Assistants, Secretary, Clerical Assistants, Clerks, Office Managers, Clerical Specialists, Technicians, Coordinators. 
    • Physical Plant/University Police - (Non-exempt employees - Hourly) - Custodians, Patrol Officers, Skilled Craftsmen, Mechanics, Technicians, Landscape and Grounds Personnel, Dining Hall Staff

Unsure of your nominee’s category?  Contact Kady Pietz at 5-4531.

  • Members of the Selection Committee are ineligible for nomination.



The Selection Committee invites nominations of staff members in each category who:

  • Demonstrate sensitivity to others.
  • Exhibit an exceptional commitment to teamwork and efficiency of operation.
  • Evidence an outstanding ability to skillfully manage his/her unit.
  • Possess a superior commitment to continuous quality improvement.
  • Make contributions beyond those normally expected/required by job responsibilities.


  • Southern Miss Gulf Park faculty, staff, or students may make nominations.  Members of the Selection Committee MAY NOT make nominations.
  • Nominators must complete the nomination form below, upload the necessary supporting information, and submit the form no later than 3 p.m. February 6, 2015.  Materials must CLEARLY and DIRECTLY address the award criteria.
  • Submissions not properly completed will be returned to the sender for proper completion and must be resubmitted by the February 6 deadline to be considered.


Selection Committee Composition

The Vice President of the Gulf Park Campus has appointed the Selection Committee, which is composed of a total of four Gulf Park staff and faculty members.