Tailgate Under the Oaks

Tailgate Under the Oaks logo

If you can't make it to Hattiesburg for the Homecoming game, you can still make it to the Gulf Park Campus and watch the action live on the big screen with your fellow Coast Golden Eagles. Tailgating begins at 3 p.m. with kick off at 6 p.m.

Golf Cart Spirit Parade

Dr. Heather Annulis and Dr. Cyndi Gaudet pilot their golf cart in 2012 parade

Take part in the 4th Annual Golf Cart Spirit Parade on the Gulf Park Campus on Wednesday, Nov. 5. The Homecoming Maid for the Gulf Park Campus will help to start off the parade and prizes will be awarded for extra creativity. It's fun to decorate, drive or watch! #SouthernSpiritGP #USMHC2014

Think you can find our Golden Cup?

Golden Glitter Cup

Each day during Spirit Week, we will hide four "Golden Cups" on campus for some lucky student, faculty or staff member to find. Snap a photo of yourself with your treasure, upload it to the Southern Miss Gulf Coast Facebook page and hashtag it #SouthernSpiritGP so your fellow faculty, staff and students can know how many cups remain to be found that day.