Human Capital Development Ph.D. - Curriculum & Courses

Required Courses (12 hrs):

  • WTD 640 -Workforce Development Models
  • WTD 660 - Performance Technology I
  • WTD 725 - Advanced Workforce Analysis
  • HCD 715 - Change Leadership

Research (27 hrs):

  • HCD 635 - Statistics in HCD
  • HCD 745 - Quantitative Research Methodologies
  • HCD 750 - Qualitative Research Methodologies
  • HCD 755 - Survey Design and Administration
  • HCD 760 - Analysis/Interpretation/Reporting Research Results
  • HCD 898 - Dissertation Research (12 hours)

Electives (15 hrs):

Major Emphasis: by advisement

  • WTD 643 - Strategies for Technology Training
  • WTD 665 - Advanced Performance Technology
  • WTD 675 - Research in Workforce Training and Development
  • WTD 680 - Workforce Training and Development Seminar
  • WTD 692 - Topics in Workforce Training and Development
  • WTD 720 - Competency Models


Course Descriptions:

HCD 635. Statistics in Human Capital Development. 3 hrs. Study of the statistics used in research data analysis in Human Capital Development. Students will learn to make, execute, interpret, and defend experimental design decisions in preparation for dissertation research.

HCD 715. Change Leadership. 3 hrs. Investigation of change theories and models to maximize change implementation initiatives in an organization context.

HCD 745. Quantitative Research Methodologies. 3 hrs. Statistical Methods for designing developing, and conducting quantitative research in human capital development. Examines descriptive and inferential statistical analysis techniques.

HCD 750. Qualitative Research Methodologies. 3 hrs. Methods for designing, developing, and conducting qualitative research in human capital development.

HCD 755. Survey Design. 3 hrs. Survey design and administration methhods for social science, human capital development and organizational research.

HCD 760. Analysis, Interpretation, and Reporting of Research Results. 3 hrs. Statistical techniques used for research data analysis in human capital development. Course examines interpretation and reporting research results.

HCD 780. Seminar. 1-6 hrs. Study and presentation of human capital development applications, practices and solutions.

HCD 792. Special Problems. 1-6 hrs.Study of Specific topics/problems (theory, practice research) related to human capital development.

HCD 797. 1-6 hrs. Independent Study and Research. Students actively working on research, consulting with major professor, or using university resources, not in residence, and not enrolled in at least 3 hrs. dissertation credit, must enroll in this course for at least 3 hrs. each semester.

HCD 891. Research in Human Capital Development. 1-6 hrs. Investigation of current research and literature in human capital development. A maximum of 3 hrs. can be applied toward doctoral degree in HCD.

HCD 898. Dissertation. 12 hrs.

WTD 640. Workforce Development Models. 3 hrs. Workforce Development Models. 3 hrs. Application of different instructional models to design workforce training of facts, concepts, procedures, and processes.

WTD 643. Strategies for Technology Training. 3 hrs. Mastery or core competencies to develop and deliver technology training.

WTD 660. Performance Technology I. 3 hrs. Examine foundations, process models, interventions, and professional practice issues for improving workforce productivity and competence.

WTD 665. Advanced Performance Technology. 3 hrs. Prerequisite: WTD 560. Advanced application of performance technology interventions that impact today's workforce.

WTD 675. Research in Workforce Training and Development. 3 hrs. Analysis and evaluation of current research in the field of workforce training and development.

WTD 680. Workforce Training and Development Seminar. 1-6 hrs. Presentation of workforce training industrial applications, practices, and problem solutions. May be repeated for a total of 6 hrs.

WTD 692. Topics in Workforce Training and Development. 1-6 hrs. Investigation of specific topics related to workforce training and development. May be repeated for a total of 6 hrs.

WTD 720. Competency Models. 3 hrs. Research and development required for the design and implementation of competency models in the workplace.

WTD 725. Advanced Workforce Analysis. 3 hrs. Advanced research methods and tools for evaluation of public and private sector workplace learning and performance programs.


For detailed information about the Human Capital Development Doctoral program, download the HCD Information sheet [PDF].