“I was thrilled to find a program incorporating my professional and academic interests at a well-known university. The hybrid format is a perfect in-person and off-site combination, and the courses and faculty have exceeded my expectations.  I highly encourage anyone with interest in an international development doctoral-level program to pursue their studies at USM.”
                                                                                   -- Prebble Ramswell, current student

Dr. Robert Pauly

Welcome to the International Development Doctoral Program by Dr. Robert Pauly, Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Letters, Gulf Park campus.

Students in class

The International Development Doctoral Program provides not only online curriculum, but also focused in-person sessions with top faculty in their fields.

student rely on all-important networking to advance in knowledge

IDV students bond as a group and learn not only from their professors but one another as they bring a wealth of experience and cultural diversity to the table.