Study Abroad

IDV students enjoy one of their student abroad trips to Peru

One of the requirements for successful completion of the IDV program is the study abroad component. Students are required to attend a program-sponsored study abroad trip while enrolled in the IDV program. The study abroad is offered during the summer semester and lasts approximately two weeks.  Arrangements are made through the University's International Programs Office and financial aid is applicable to this trip. 

The IDV Research/Study Abroad requirement is designed to afford students an opportunity to examine issues in the fields of Economic Development, Political Development, Security Studies and Social/Cultural Development through interaction with scholars, policy practitioners and members of the general public in countries outside the United States. Such opportunities include both classroom instruction and field research.

Students can earn six credit hours for attending the study abroad. In addition, a preparatory course is offered in which students can earn an additional three credit hours, for a total of nine credit hours. 


Summer, 2011

"The trip to Peru not only allowed me to learn so much more than I could ever learn from a book, it allowed me the chance to spend time discussing international development with my fellow students."

     --Michael Webb, IDV Research Associate, Summer 2011 Study Abroad Participant

Summer, 2013
Munich, Germany and Brussels, Belgium

"I am excited about the opportunity to engage in the German and Belgian cultures first-hand and to gain a deeper understanding of the economic and political institutions we learn about in the classroom."

      --Christopher Smith, Current IDV Student, Summer 2013 Study Abroad Participant

Summer, 2014
Dominica, Caribbean

"Students will engage in primary data collection in the field, as well as nuances of participatory research, which are critical in advancing a student’s ability to produce academic-level scholarship."

     --Dr. David Butler, IDV Professor and Leader for the 2014 Study Abroad Trip