Welcome to Research Teams

The IDV research teams are the foundations of the IDV program. They define and form the area of students’ concentration as well as their peers and future research. The choice of research team depends on a student's background and interest. Soon after successful completion of the qualifying exam students are encouraged to begin taking courses in their respective major and then minor research team areas.

As members of a research team, students have access to the faculty that directs the team and they participate in team meetings that are offered during every in-person.

IDV program provides a multidisciplinary doctoral program that consists of four components. The components address different aspects of international development, consisting of economic, securities, political, and social/cultural. These areas are grouped into:

  • Economic Development Research Team (Dr. Naghshpour)
  • Security Studies Research Team (Dr. Pauly)
  • Political Development Research Team (Dr. St. Marie)
  • Social/Cultural Research Team (Dr. Butler)

As head of the Economic Development Research Team, I work directly with research team students to better facilitate the learning process. This same service is provided by all of our faculty within all of the IDV research teams.

--Dr. Shahdad Naghshpour, Tenured Professor