Dale Lunsford, Ph.D.


Assistant Professor of Human Capital Development


Gulf Park Campus

WLPI 104

Phone:(228 )214-3429

Doctor of Philosophy
The Ohio State University
Major Field: Management Information Systems
Minor Fields: Cognitive Psychology and Statistics

Master of Arts, Management Information Systems
The Ohio State University

Bachelor of Science in Business, Management Information Systems
Wright State University
Summa Cum Laude


Teaching Interests

Survey Design (HCD 755)
Analysis, Interpretation, and Reporting Research Results (HCD 760)
Statistics in Human Capital Development (HCD 635)
Research in Workforce Training and Development (WTD 675)

Research Interests

Research and Quantitative Methods: 
Quantitative, Qualitative, and Mixed Methods in HRD Research
Factors Influencing Students’ Persistence and Performance.
Knowledge Management and Representation.

Training and Technologies:
eTextbook Adoption Preferences among College Students and Adult Learners.
Emerging-technologies Training and Education.

Privacy, Trust, Security, and Willingness to Adopt New Technologies.


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Curriculum Vitae