Jill Arnold Anderson, M.A.


Jill Arnold 

Instructor of Biological Sciences


Gulf Park Campus

Science Building 309A

Phone:(228 )214-3331

M.A. University of New Orleans, 2005

B.S. University of Southern Mississippi, 1999


Teaching Interests

BSC 361 and BSC 361L Comparative Anatomy of Vertebrates
BSC 380 and BSC 380L General Microbiology
BSC 381 and BSC 381L Microorganisms in Health and Disease
BSC 382 Microbial Ecology
BSC 410 and BSC 410L Human Parasitology
BSC 450 Comparative Animal Physiology
BSC 488 and BSC 488L Food Microbiology
BSC 495 and BSC 495L Application of Basic Concepts for Secondary School
SME 460 Methods in Teaching Science--Secondary
SME 489 and SME 490--University Supervisor for Secondary Biology Licensure Students

Research Interests

Microbiology Education
Secondary Science Education