Minors offered through the College of Science and Technology

  • Biological Sciences: Students minoring in biological sciences must complete 18 hours in biological sciences, including at least seven hours numbered 300 or above taken at The University of Southern Mississippi. BSC 103, BSC 103L and BSC 107, BSC 107L may not be included in the 18 hours. Either BSC 380, BSC 380L or BSC 381, BSC 381L may count towards the minor, but not both. The minimum of seven hours at the 300 level or above must include at least one course with a laboratory component. Students minoring in biological sciences are strongly encouraged to take general chemistry 1 (CHE 106) and general chemistry 1 lab (CHE 106L).
  • Criminal Justice: a minimum of 18 hours in CJ, including CJ 200 . Only three hours of CJ 492 and/or three hours of CJ 480 may be used for credit toward the minor. Hours earned in the CJ practicum may not count toward the minor.
  • Geography: a minimum of 18 hours including GHY 101 or GHY 102. Six hours should be taken from two of the following three groups of courses -- regional (400 - 409), techniques (410 - 417) or topical (remaining courses numbered 300 and above). The remaining nine hours can be chosen from courses numbered 500 and above.
  • Industrial Engineering Technology: Please note that minor requirements may not be satisfied by transfer of courses from institutions that are not accredited by TAC of ABET.
  • Mathematics: a minimum of 18 hours of MAT courses to include at least six hours taken at The University of Southern Mississippi drawn from the list of acceptable courses in the major (See degree plan). Students seeking the minor in mathematics are encouraged to consult with math faculty when selecting courses.
To declare a minor, please contact the student services coordinator responsible for the field of study in which your desired minor resides.