List of Student Organizations

Get involved in student life at Southern Miss Gulf Coast! Student activities and organizations enhance the college experience by developing and empowering students, creating opportunities for meaningful interpersonal relationships, supporting student organizations, and providing fun, engaging programs for the diverse campus community.

We provide over 30 dynamic student organizations that enhance campus culture every day with their ideas, events and leadership. If you have interest in becoming a member of a student organization on campus, contact the student organization president and/or their faculty/staff advisor. Groups are listed alphabetically. For more information, email


 Name of Organization

Student President

Faculty/Staff Advisor

Accounting SocietyKayla Hausser

Heather Adams

Afro-American Student OrganizationKeita GrantConstance Bailey
Alliance for Equality

Jessica Barnes

Zach Stewart

Douglas Bristol
American Assembly for Men in Nursing

Aaron Pack

Patsy Anderson
American Marketing Association

Lynn Standfuss

Rhonda Whitfield

Lance Hopkins
Baptist Student Union

Hayley Amacker

Rob Smith
Beta Iota Omicron (BIO)
Biology Club
Jason Syverson

Rebecca Fillmore

Jill Arnold

CARE (Humanitarian)Ashlei Lewis Casey Maugh
Coast Guard Auxiliary University ProgramKathy ToelkenElizabeth Holman
Criminal Justice Association Aleshia Toles

 William Holt

EcoEagles (Sustainability) 


David Holt
USM Film Brigade

Clint Haley

Philip Gentile
The History and Heritage Society

Jamie Henton

Alejandro Gomez del moral

Gamma Beta Phi Honor Society (Community Service)

Monique Betting

 MD Sarder

Gamma Theta Upsilon Honor Society (Geography) 

Cody  Slater

David Holt
Geography Club 

Stephanie McCracken Reichardt

Cody  Slater
David Holt
International Student Associationkrishna Pavan Achanti

MD Sarder

The Legacy (Student Alumni Association)

Emily Kennedy

Alyssa Comfort

Jona Burton

National Society of Collegiate Scholars

Arizona Gregory Marlene Naquin or Susan Mullican
Phi Alpha Theta Honor Society (History) Jamie HentonAlejandro Gomez del moral
Psi Chi Honor Society (Psychology) Dominique LynnKenji Noguchi
Sigma Mu (Science & Mathematics)

Jeremy Hughes

Scott Geyer

Marlene Naquin
Sigma Tau Delta Honor Society (English) Megan WilkinsonDamon Franke
Sigma Theta Tau Honor Society (Nursing)   Cynthia
Southern Connection
(Student Leadership Team)
 Christy Elias
STEP UP Advisory CouncilBrenden DebrieTyler Edwards
Student Government AssociationMcKenzie IrishJack Covarrubias
Student Nurses Association

Kimberly LaCap

Jennifer Niezgoda

Michele Harris

Kelly Weaver

Social Work ClubNkoyeni OwensKaren Aderer
Student Veterans of America Lina PenneyMary Funk
Wesley FoundationDina AgeeTom Rishel
Janis Slade
Karen Shaw
Women's & Gender Studies
Student Organization
Mary ManerSusan Mullican