Basic Web Instructions

Judy Isbell, Director of Web Services, develops a webpage

University Communications provides training and assistance with the development of webpages for Southern Miss Gulf Coast.

The university uses an open source content management system (CMS) called Drupal to create and maintain websites for colleges, schools, departments, offices and other campus units.

The Drupal CMS is a free resource and requires no additional software. Web contributors use their browsers - Firefox, Chrome or Safari is recommended over Internet Explorer - to log into the system, create and edit content.

The Drupal template and feature set are standardized in order to provide a consistent Web solution that can be deployed most efficiently to campus. This was particularly important as the university transitioned away from the  legacy Web server to a more stable, redundant and secure hosting environment.

Periodic training sessions continue to be offered in how to use Drupal to build and maintain university webpages. Contact the our office to check the availability of training sessions.

We have links to videos that walk through some of the basic instructions for Drupal, GIMP image editing software to use in conjunction with Drupal, and  Mach Forms online form software that integrates into Drupal.