Order a Name Badge

How to Order a Southern Miss Gulf Coast Name BadgeExample of recommended badge wording, with name only

• Your department issues an interdepartmental invoice including the budget string and exact name and/or title for the badge. The budget authority signs the invoice.

• Send this invoice to University Communications, Gulf Park Campus.

• Be sure to include a contact person. Badges will be returned via campus mail.

• A complete badge is $14.Example of recommended badge wording, with college identification

• A new name strip on an existing badge is $4. A new magnet for the back of a name badge is $4.

• Processing takes 3-4 days.

Guidelines for determining name badge lettering

Preferred format:
(first name and last on first line not to exceed 16 characters)

The purpose of a name badge is to easily identify your name for others. Your name will be in the larger font. Additional information is not recommended but could be shown in a smaller font since it is secondary. The second line cannot exceed 24 characters.

Names on a badge should be displayed in the order spoken. Remember that a name badge is a verbal tool.

Using titles such as Mr., Mrs. and Ms. is not recommended. In the academic arena, showing Dr. before a name is acceptable, but not necessary, to identify rank.

Listing the abbreviations for degrees earned after the name is not recommended. This does not keep with the normal flow of spoken language.

Wear your name badge on your right shoulder so that it is in the direct line of vision when shaking hands or greeting others.