Welcome Week Committee

Welcome Week 2013

Welcome Week would not be possible without the dedication and service of our committee members, faculty speakers and affiliates!

  • Christy Bjork Elias, Welcome Week Committee Chair
  • Ann Billings, Associate VP of Student Affairs
  • Sara Vincent, Southern Connection Leadership Team
  • Brandy Jarvis, SGA Vice President
  • Eunice Scott, Department of Student Services
  • Aaron Broussard, Department of Student Services
  • Robin Johnson, Department of Student Services
  • Carrie Brownfield, Department of Student Services
  • Mary Funk, Career Services
  • Jackie Polk, Business Services & Financial Aid
  • Jason Bigelow, Physical Plant
  • Emily Wilson, College of Health
  • Casey Maugh, Yoga Instructor
  • Frances Galle, College of Nursing
  • Miranda Hedman, Admissions
  • Hailey Hirshfeld, Eagle Dining & Beach View Cafe
  • LaShana Sorrell, Eagle Dining & Beach View Cafe
  • Beth LaFleur, College of Business
  • Linda Jordan, College of Business
  • Betty Shaw, Gulf Coast Library
  • Ben Dedwyler, University Police
  • Kathy Hayman, Barnes & Noble
  • Marlene Naquin, College of Science and Technology
  • David Holt, College of Science and Technology
  • Heather Miller, College of Education and Psychology
  • Kady Pietz, Office of the Vice President
  • Annette Copeland, iTech
  • Bob Pauly, College of Arts and Letters
  • Jack Covarrubias, Learning Commons

Thank you also to the following for sponsoring events and prizes:

  • Office of the Vice President, Dr. Frances Lucas
  • Barnes & Noble Bookstore
  • Eagle Dining & Beach View Cafe
  • Southern Connection Student Leadership Team
  • University Communications
  • Department of Student Services