About the Editors


Tom Lansford is Professor of Political Science and Academic Dean at the University of Southern Mississippi Gulf Coast. With well over 100 peer reviewed articles, chapters and books to his credit, he has published articles in journals such as Defense Analysis, The Journal for Conflict Studies, European Security,. International Studies, Security Dialogue, and Strategic Studies. Dr. Lansford is the author of a number of books, including The Lords of Foggy Bottom: The American Secretaries of State and the World They Shaped (2001), All for One: NATO, Terrorism and the United States (2002), A Bitter Harvest: US Foreign Policy and Afghanistan (2003), and Judging Bush (2009). Dr. Lansford has been associated with White House Studies for a number of years taking over as co-editor in 2011.


Jack Covarrubias is an Assistant Professor of Political Science at the University of Southern Mississippi Gulf Coast. He is a member of the governing board of the National Social Science Association as well as the Director of the Center for Policy and Resilience at the University of Southern Mississippi. He has published numerous works most recently including the books To Protect and Defend: Homeland Security Policy (2006), America's War on Terror (2009) and Fostering Community Resilience: Homeland Security and Hurricane Katrina (2010). Jack has published on the presidency for a number of years most recently hosting a conference on the Obama Presidency in 2010.