Kyna Shelley, Ph.D. - MS, REF, RESA Coordinator

Professor and Program Coordinator, Research and Educational Foundations

Research Interests 

Organizational behavior, Statistics/Research pedagogy

Current Teaching

  • Experimental Design (REF 761)
  • Applied Research I and II (REF 791)
  • The Dissertation Process (REF 889)
  • Educational Research (REF 601)
  • Practicum in Educational Research (REF 718)

Selected Publications

Neelis, L., Blom, L., Drane, D., Shelley, K., Speed, N., & Phillips, D. (2011).  NCAA division I head softball coaches’ confidence, openness, and stigma tolerance toward sport psychology consultants.  Journal of Contemporary Athletics. 

Hostetter, K.S., Lux, M.F., Shelley, K., Drummond, J.L., & Laguna, P.L. (2011)MRSA as a health concern in athletic facilities.  Journal of Environmental Health.  

Cockrell, C.* & Shelley, K. (2011). The relationship between academic support systems and intended persistence in doctoral education. Journal of College Student Retention: Research, Theory & Practice, 12(4).

Lipscomb, T., Shelley, K., & Root, T. (2010). Selection Criteria for Choosing Mental Health Providers. Health Marketing Quarterly, 27(4), 321-333. 

Ward, M.E., Peters, G., & Shelley, K. (2010). Student and Faculty Perceptions of the Quality of Online Learning Experiences. International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning, 11(3), 57-77.  

Lindsay, V*. & Shelley, K. (2009). Social and Stress-related  Influences of Police Officers’ Alcohol Consumption. Journal of Police and Criminal Psychology. 

Ward, M., Shelley, K., Kaase, K., & Pane, J. (2008). Hurricane Katrina:  A Longitudinal Study of the Achievement and Behavior of Displaced Students. Journal of Education for Students Placed at Risk,13(2-3),297-317. 

Ward, M., & Shelley, K. (2008). Hurricane Katrina’s Impact on Students, and Staff Members in the Schools of Mississippi. Journal of Education for Students Placed at Risk, 13(2-3),335-349. 

Townsend, A.*, & Shelley, K. (2008).  Community college partnerships: the influences of culture, role conflict, and role ambiguity. American Journal of Educational Studies, 1(1), 43-55. 

Lee, D., Parker, G., Ward, M., Styron, R., & Shelley, K. (2008). Katrina and the Schools of Mississippi:  An Examination of Emergency and Disaster Preparedness. Journal of Education for Students Placed at Risk, 13(2-3), 318-334. 

Lindsay, V*., Taylor, W.B., and Shelley, K. (2008). Alcohol and the police: An empirical examination of a widely-held assumption. Policing: An International Journal of Police Strategies and Management.  

Townsend, A.N.*, & Shelley, K. (2008). Validating an instrument for assessing collaboration within Mississippi’s workforce system. Community College Journal of Research and Practice. 

Rachal, J.R., Shelley, K., & David, W.V. (2008). Publication Productivity in Research in Higher Education and The Journal of Higher Education, 1995-2005. Education Research Quarterly,31(4), 50-66.

Recent Presentations

Hostetter, K, Lux, M, Shelley, K, Drummond, J (2010).  Incidence of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus in south Mississippi high school athletic training facilities.  110th General Meeting of the American Society of Microbiology.  San Diego, CA.  May 27, 2010.   

Ward, M. & Shelley, K., (2010). Displaced Students in Mississippi:  Examining Katrina’s Impact on Achievement and Behavior in School. Paper presented at the Five Years of Post-Katrina Educational Reform Research Conference. New Orleans, LA. September 24, 2010.  

Jasperson, P.*, Shelley, K., Mohn, R.M., & Lipscomb, T.J. (2010). Developing a Model for Organizational Citizenship Behavior and Organizational Culture in Higher Education. Presented at MidSouth Educational Research Association meeting. Mobile, Alabama. November 3. 

Hostetter, K, Lux, M, Shelley, K, Drummond, J (2010).  MRSA in Athletic Facilities.  1st Annual Hattiesburg Clinic Coaches’ Clinic.  Hattiesburg, MS.  May 26, 2010. 

Hostetter, K*, Lux, M, Shelley, K, Drummond, J (2010).  Prevalence of CA-MRSA in athletic facilities.  35th  Annual SEATA Symposium and Members’ Meeting, March 18-21, Panama City Beach, FL. 

Hostetter, K, Drummond, J, Shelley, K, Laguna, P (2010).  The Development of a Risk Scale for the Female Athlete Triad.  Committee on Services and Resources for Women, March 10, Hattiesburg, MS.

 Jasperson, P.*, Shelley, K., Bridgeforth, J.*, & Aidoo, B.*(2010).  Students’ Attitudes about the Effort, Difficulty, and Value of Research. 33rd Annual Meeting of the Southwest Educational Research Association. February 18, New Orleans, LA.  

Jasperson, P.* & Shelley, K. (2009). Food preferences, activity level, and BMI: Impact on elementary students’ standardized test scores. Presented at MidSouth Educational Research Association meeting. Baton Rouge, Louisiana. November. 

Styron, J.*, Sonstrom, W.J.*, & Shelley, K. (2009). When starting salary won’t cover student debt. Presented at MidSouth Educational Research Association meeting. Baton Rouge, Louisiana. November. 

Bridgeforth, J.S.* & Shelley, K. (2009). Factors Influencing Minority Student Persistence and Success. Presented at MidSouth Educational Research Association meeting. Baton Rouge, Louisiana. November. 

Shelley, K. & Jasperson, P.* (2009). Dissertation from a distance: Using online instruction for guiding the dissertation process. Presented at MidSouth Educational Research Association meeting. Baton Rouge, Louisiana. November. 

Hostetter, K.*,  Lux, M, Shelley, K, Drummond, J (2009).  CA-MRSA in athletic facilities.  Hattiesburg Clinic 4th Annual Sports Medicine Conference, October 10, Hattiesburg, MS. 

Blackburn, L.M.*, Blackburn, D.R., Shelley, K. Efficacy of parent training on child compliance and positive parent-child interactions. Central Texas Clinical Research (CTCR) Forum, Brackenridge, TX, May 7, 2009.  

Sonstrom, W.J.*, Shelley, K., Lipscomb, T., & Hill, L. Components of Students’ Attitudes toward Research. Southeastern Psychological Association 2009 Convention, New Orleans, LA, February 18-21, 2009. 

Hill, L. H., & Shelley, K. (November, 2008). Fostering professional development among graduate education students: Improving the graduate experience and building careers. American Association of Adult and Continuing Education, Denver, CO.  

Shelley, K., Richardson, L.*, Richmond, E.*, & Frass, L. (June 2008). Designing Distance Education Courses for Individuals With Disabilities. 6th International Conference on Education and Information Systems, Technologies and Applications (EISTA) Orlando, Florida. 

Frass, L. R., Richardson, L. T.*, Richmond, E. K.*, & Shelley, K. S. (April, 2008). Teaching anyone, anywhere, anytime with universal design. Poster session presented at the 14th annual Student Conference for Research and Creative Arts, Houston – Clear Lake, TX. 

Townsend, A., & Shelley, K. (April, 2008). Community College Partnership: The Influence of culture, role conflict and role ambiguity. American Institute of Higher Education (AmHighEd) Conference, Orlando, Florida. 

Ward, M., Shelley, K., Kaase, K., & Pane, J. (March, 2008). Hurricane Katrina and Displaced Students:  Achievement and Behavior in the Wake of the Storm. Annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association. New York.


Honors and Awards

  • Faculty Senate/Presidential Mentoring Award, 2010
  • UHCL Piper Teaching Award, 2001
  • President’s Distinguished Teaching Award, 2001
  • Faculty Advisor of the Year, 1995