Directory by Specialty




  • Allison Abra, Modern British History, Popular Culture, Women and Gender
  • Lee Follett, Medieval History, Religious History, pre-Norman Ireland
  • Brian LaPierre, Russia and the Soviet Union, Social Control and Deviance, Twentieth-century Europe
  • Andrew I. Ross, French History, Gender, Sexuality
  • Andrew A. Wiest, British History, World War I, Vietnam




Gulf South


War & Society

  • Allison Abra, Cultural History of War, War and Gender, 20-century Home Fronts
  • Douglas Bristol, African-American Experience in Military, World War II
  • Heather Stur, Vietnam War, Cold War, U.S. Foreign Relations, Gender and War
  • Kenneth Swope, War in Asia, Comparative Military History, East Asian Diplomatic History
  • Susannah J. Ural, U.S. Civil War, Soldier Ideology and Motivation, Ethnicity and War
  • Andrew A. Wiest, Vietnam War, World Wars I and II in Europe, Modern Military Tactics
  • Kyle F. Zelner, War and Society in Early America, Militia and Militiamen, War and Community


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