Adam Hoose

Visiting Assistant Professor

Adam Hoose is Visiting Assistant Professor of Medieval History, and he earned his Ph.D. at Saint Louis University in 2011.  He specializes in religious history, both popular and ecclesiastical, in the High Middle Ages.  His research explores the emergence of heresy in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, especially how these religious enthusiasts often unsuccessfully tried to negotiate an orthodox identity.  In particular, he examines how their practices, behaviors, and even clothing, not just beliefs, shaped ecclesiastical and non-ecclesiastical perceptions of them.

His first book in the final stages of preparation examines why the clergy condemned the Waldensians in France as heretics but recognized the Franciscans in Italy as orthodox, although both groups embraced voluntary poverty and evangelical preaching, and he has a forthcoming article in the Journal of Religious History entitled "Durán of Huesca (c. 1160-1230):  A Waldensian Seeking a Remedy to Heresy.”  His next project will analyze how the clergy read heretics’ clothing preferences as an indication of their potential usurpation of spiritual authority.  He teaches courses in medieval history.