Allison Abra

Assistant Professor and Director of Undergraduate Recruitment

Allison Abra joined the faculty at the University of Southern Mississippi in 2012. Originally from Winnipeg, Canada, Dr. Abra received a BA from the University of Manitoba and an MA from Queen’s University, before venturing south of the border to pursue a PhD at the University of Michigan. A specialist in modern British history, she offers courses on a range of topics in British, European, and world history at USM, and is a fellow in the Dale Center for the Study of War & Society.

Dr. Abra’s research interests include the history of popular culture, women and gender, and the history of war and society. She is currently working on a book manuscript entitled English Style: National Identity, Americanization, and Popular Dance in Interwar and Wartime Britain, which traces the development and expansion of commercial dancing in early twentieth century Britain within the context of contemporary gender anxieties, shifting class relations, and growing global networks of popular cultural exchange. She is also conducting preliminary research for a second project on the relationship between leisure and citizenship in wartime Britain.

Dr. Abra has been recognized for both her scholarship and teaching. Her first article, “Doing the Lambeth Walk: Novelty Dances and the British Nation” was awarded the Duncan Tanner Essay Prize by the peer-reviewed journal Twentieth Century British History in 2008. She was also nominated for teaching awards at both Trent University and the University of Manitoba.