Douglas P. Mackaman


Dr. Mackaman's major publications include Leisure Settings: Bourgeois Culture, Medicine, and the Spa in Modern France (1999) and various articles; he has recently co-edited a collection of essays titled World War One and the Cultures of Modernity (2000). He has received Mellon and Heller Research fellowships, as well as an excellence-in-teaching award. His current research focuses on the ways in which romanticist and nationalized notions of the European past were used to hallow a nation's terrain into a set of sacred, if secular, sites of worship.

As part of his appointment as associate professor of International Education, Dr. Mackaman was named Director of the European American Center for International Education in the fall of 2001. Since that time, Dr. Mackaman has garnered more than $1 million in support of the Southern Miss Eur-Am Center initiative. Developed with thirteen U.S. and European universities as its supporting consortium, The Eur-Am Center is based at a one thousand-year-old abbey in the heart of the French Loire valley in the village of Pontlevoy. Dr. Mackaman teaches full time at the abbey, where he directs the Eur-Am Center and its study abroad program in the humanities. During its first year of operation in the 2002-2003 academic year, more than six hundred students from Southern Miss and its partner universities studied in Pontlevoy, taught by more than twenty-five faculty members and artists. For more information on the Eur-Am Center and its humanities program, visit click here.