Jason Dawsey

Visiting Assistant Professor

Jason Dawsey is Visiting Assistant Professor of European History.  He earned his Ph.D. from the University of Chicago in 2013.   He specializes in modern Central European intellectual and cultural history.  His research interests include the life and thought of the German-Jewish technology critic Günther Anders, the history of Western Marxism, the emergence of Holocaust awareness in post-1945 Europe, and the struggle for the abolition of nuclear weapons.  At USM, he teaches courses on the history of nineteenth and twentieth-century Europe.

Dr. Dawsey is the author of “Where Hitler’s Name is Never Spoken: Günther Anders in 1950s Vienna,” in Contemporary Austrian Studies, Volume XXI: Austrian Lives, eds. Günter Bischof, Fritz Plasser, and Eva Maltschnig (New Orleans: University of New Orleans Press, 2012).  He has recently completed “After Hiroshima: Günther Anders and the History of Anti-Nuclear Critique,” in Unthinking the Imaginary War: Intellectual Reflections on the Nuclear Age, 1945-1990, eds. Benjamin Ziemann and Matthew Grant (Stanford: Stanford University Press, in preparation).  He is now preparing his manuscript, “The Limits of the Human in the Age of Technological Revolution: Günther Anders, Post-Marxism, and the Emergence of Technology Critique,” for publication.