History Graduate Society

The History Graduate Society at the University of Southern Mississippi was founded in 2009 to serve the needs of history graduate students.

Mission Statement 

The History Graduate Society at The University of Southern Mississippi (HGS) is an organization composed and run by graduate students in the department.  Our mission is to promote the study of history at the graduate level and to assist current graduate students as they pursue their education, research, and career goals. The society provides a safe forum for graduate students that promotes cooperation between faculty and students by supporting professional development workshops and by organizing social events throughout the academic year.  HGS helps current and prospective students navigate the department and the university. 

If you have any questions about HGS, or graduate life in the Department of History or at the University of Southern Mississippi, please feel free to contact one of the officers.

2011 HGS Officer

Robert Thompson, President
Jeremy George, Vice-President
Angela Riotto, Secretary
Sarah Savage, First-Year Representative
Jason Engle, Liaison to Graduate Student Senate

Official Documents

History Graduate Society Constitution (PDF)

Graduate Student Mini-Biographies