Fall 2013 Courses

AccountingACC 200HIntoduction to Financial Accounting9218H001MW 2-3:15JGH 300Dugan
ArtART 130HThe Art Experience5919H001TT 11-12:15FAB 116Stover
Bio SciBSC 110HPrinciples of Biological Science I3904H001MWF 9-9:50JST 210Kuehn
Bio SciBSC 110HPrinciples of Biological Science I6830H002MWF 10-10:50WSB 244Guo
Bio SciBSC 110LHPrinciples of Biological Science I Lab3906H001M 11-1:50WSB 125Sellers
Bio SciBSC 110LHPrinciples of Biological Science I Lab3905H002TT 2:25-5:05WSB 125Sellers
ChemistryCHE 106HGeneral Chemistry I3902H001MWF 10-10:50TEC 101Wallace


General Chemistry I Laboratory3903H001Tu 2:25-5:05WSB 245T. Masterson
ChemistryCHE 255HOrganic I7115H001MWF 9-9:50TEC 411D. Masterson
ChemistryCHE 255LHOrganic I Laboratory8960H001Tr 2:25 - 5:10WSB 248T. Masterson
HealthCOH 100HConcepts of Wellness7153H001MW 2-3:15LIB 205Fiorentini-Wright
EconomicsECO 101HBasic Economics5349H001TT 11-12:15LAB 207Sayre
EnglishENG 101HComposition One3796H001TT 1-2:15LAB 346Inman
EnglishENG 101HComposition One3797H002TT 11-12:15LAB 346Lares
EnglishENG 101HComposition One3798H003TT 9:30-10:45LAB 346Lares
EnglishENG 101HComposition One5927H004MWF 11-11:50LAB 346Sciolino
EnglishENG 101HComposition One5928H005MWF 12-12:50LAB 346Sciolino
EnglishENG 203HWorld Literature5342H01HTT 11-12:15LAB 367Dahlquist
EnglishENG 203HWorld Literature5913H02HMWF 1-1:50LAB 346Sypher-Haley
EnglishENG 203HWorld Literature5939H03HMWF 12-12:50LAB 367Ball
HistoryHIS 101HWorld Civilization I5180H001MW 2-3:15HH 103Kyriakoudes
HistoryHIS 101HWorld Civilization I7121H002TT 1-2:15LAB 455Chambers
HistoryHIS 101HWorld Civilization I9427H003TT 8-9:15LAB 455Farrell
HistoryHIS 102HWorld Civilization II7123H001MWF 10-10:50LAB 455LaPierre
HistoryHIS 102HWorld Civilization II10255H003MW 2-3:15IC 207Dawsey
HistoryHIS 102HWorld Civilization II9428H002MWF 1-1:50LAB 455Grivno
HonorsHON 300Research Forum7264H001Tu 3:50-5:05IC 101Davies
HonorsHON 300Research Forum10111G001TBATBAHolt
HonorsHON 301Prospectus Writing (Writing Intensive)6169H002W 3:30-6:15HH 103Forster/Rehner
HonorsHON 301Prospectus Writing (Writing Intensive)1010H001Tu 2:25 - 5:10CH 103Xue
HonorsHON 301Prospectus Writing (Writing Intensive)9325H006TT 9:30-10:45HH 103Barry, T.
HonorsHON 321University Forum1011H001T 6:30-8:00AUD 101Hajnal
MathMAT167HCalculus I6186H001MWF 11-11:50SH 303Perry
MusicMUS 165HThe Enjoyment of Music3901H001MWF 1-1:50FAB 218Hafer
PhilosophyPHI 151HIntroduction to Philosophy5350H001TT 9:30-10:45LAB 303DeArmey
PhilosophyPHI 171HEthics9016H001MW 3:30-4:45LAB 103Rempel
PhysicsPHY 111HGeneral Physics I9371H001MWF 11-11:50TEC 227Winstead
Political SciPS 101HAmerican Government5343H001TT 11-12:15LAB 417Steedman
Polymer SciPSC 191HIntroduction to Polymers6206H001Fri 1-1:50PSRC105Pearson
PsychologyPSY 110HGeneral Psychology3829H001Tu 2:25-5:05HH 103Kuczaj
Speech CommCMS 111HOral Communication5636H001TT 9:30-10:45LAB 469Erickson
Speech CommCMS 111HOral Communication9430H002TT 3:30-5:05MCL 164Walker
Speech CommCMS 320HBusiness and Professional Speaking7233H001TT 3:50-5:05LAB 206Venette
TheatreTHE 100HTheatre Appreciation7222H002TT 2:30-3:45TAD 124Warrick

This schedule is subject to change between now and the Fall 2013 registration close date.

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