Featured Scholars


Freeman Indonesia Non-Profit Internship

2011 - Dylan Harris, Religion and Political Science

"It's so daunting to begin a personal statement, to guess what the scholarship committee wants to know about me. Having been through that process several times, I’ve learned a lot about presenting myself effectively.I know I have a great story to tell and going through this process has helped me learn to share it. Although I do not get everything I apply for, the process, despite being intense at times, has helped me hone my goals into what they are today.”

Gilman International Scholarship Program

2012-Salma Dawoud, Chemistry/Biochemistry (United Kingdom/Arabic)


"The Gilman Scholarship has opened new doors for me in terms of studying abroad and academics. Education abroad is a tremendous opportunity that not all students get to experience. I am thankful to be able to particiapte in an exchange program to England and have a program such as the Gilman Scholarship backing me. The application process has made me more confident in my abilities as a student, and I am excited about what is to come after study abroad!


National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship Program

2011 - Jennifer Lamb, Biological Sciences

“The NSF fellowship promises an excellent future in many ways, including the opportunity for me to continue studying at USM as a doctoral student in biological sciences. We have multiple experts in a medley of fields in the department, who not only produce outstanding work but take a genuine interest in the future of their students.” 

Phi Kappa Phi Fellowship

2012 - Matthew Planchard, Biological Sciences, Chemistry/Biochemistry

“I am a firm believer that greater scientific literacy and awareness among the electorate is an essential component for a successful modern society, and it is my hope that I can contribute to that in some small way.”

Phi Kappa Phi Study Abroad Grant

2010 - Lauren Auer, Biological Sciences (Belize)

“Upon returning home from Belize … my arachnid [identification] project was slowly born.  By creating and providing this resource to the sanctuary, it will contribute to the great scope of environmental education by achieving increased awareness of the area’s biodiversity. That’s the beauty of study abroad - to be taken out of the textbooks and experience the amazing.”


Truman Scholarship

2011 - Marie Holowach, Speech Pathology

“Applying for the Truman [was] a challenging process, but it … taught me a lot about myself and has given me the chance to work with many wonderful people at Southern Miss. I would like to be a clinician and would really like to focus on autism and work in the schools to help bring about change.”