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Writing your thesis: 

Selection of Thesis Adviser

  1. Adviser and Topic Selection Form Submit this form to the Honors College and potential adviser while enrolled in the HON 300 course. Please discuss the selection with the potential adviser before submitting this form.
  2. Adviser Agreement  After the student submits the selection form, the adviser will receive an email with the student information and a link to the Adviser Agreement form. The adviser should complete the Adviser Agreement with the information from the selection form, then submit it to accept the student's selection.

Prospectus Approval and Submission  The final prospectus is submitted to the HON 301 Professor for review.

Progress Report and Thesis Draft  This form must accompany the thesis draft submission. The progress report and thesis draft are due to the Honors College each semester you are enrolled in 492H.

Comprehensive Examination Letter This form is submitted to the Honors College and the Department Chair the semester PRIOR to your graduation. 

Graduating seniors:

Thesis Approval and Submission  The final thesis is submitted for Honors College review in the graduating semester.

Honors College Degree Application: This form is submitted the semester PRIOR to your graduation. To access this form: Log in to your SOAR account. Choose graduation application. Scroll to Page 3. If you do not have a Page 3: logout, clear cache and try again or use a different browser. 

Aquila Research Taxonomy This form is submitted to the Honors College to ensure proper indexing of the thesis.

Exit Survey for Graduating Seniors 

Due dates and further information concerning thesis writing and graduation forms can be found on the Senior Honors To-Do ListTHE SENIOR HONORS TO-DO LIST IS VITAL TO THE COMPLETION OF YOUR HONORS COLLEGE REQUIREMENTS.



Research Scholarship Form 


Resigning from Honors:

Withdrawal Form