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Honors College Required Submissions

Thesis Adviser and Topic Selection (HON 300)Prospectus Approval and Submission (HON 301)*
Progress Report and Thesis Draft (xxx492H)*Final Thesis Approval and Submission (xxx492H)*
Comprehensive Exam Letter to ChairAquila Research Taxonomy
 Honors College Exit Survey 

Other Honors College Forms

 Honors College Research Scholarship Honors College Withdrawal Notification 

 Honors College Probation 

(Plan for Academic Improvement) 

 Honors College Suspension 

(Plan for Academic Improvement) 

 *Professors in the Department of Mathematics: Contact the Honors College prior to completing the manuscript submission forms.

Other Useful Links

Honors College Handbook Integrity Assurance Program (RCR)
Guide for Writing the ProspectusGuide for Writing the Senior Thesis 
Institutional Review Board (IRB)  Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) 
Eagle Scholars Program (SPUR) University Graduation Information
Application for British Studies--Honors College Stipend 

Due dates and further information concerning thesis writing and graduation forms can be found on the Senior Honors To-Do List. THE SENIOR HONORS TO-DO LIST IS VITAL TO THE COMPLETION OF YOUR HONORS COLLEGE REQUIREMENTS TO EARN LATIN DISTINCTION.