General Information

Recognition of a Southern Miss Honors College Education

  • Honors coursework is indicated on transcript.
  • Completion of both Honors Foundations and Honors Keystone curriculum is indicated on transcript.
  • Scholars who complete full four-year program (both Honors Foundations and Honors Keystone) or scholars who successfully complete Honors Keystone graduate with Latin distinction.
  • Honors Scholars are recognized in the Commencement Program and wear an Honors medallion with their regalia.

Honors College Graduation Requirements

  • Honors Scholars are required to complete 20 Honors Hours by the end of the sophomore year.
  • Honors Scholars must enroll in at least ONE Honors class per semester. Scholars are not allowed to take Honors core classes beyond the sophomore year.
  • Honors Scholars must successfully complete an acceptable senior thesis and pass a comprehensive exam in their major discipline.
  • Probationary students are not allowed to register for active learning classes.  They may, of course, register for traditional Honors classes.

Reasons for Suspension from The Honors College

  • A cumulative GPA below 3.25. Scholars are allowed one probationary semester in order to bring the GPA up to the required 3.25. (A more detailed explanation is in the Handbook).
  • Academic dishonesty.
  • Failure to progress in the Honors College curriculum.