M.S. in Sport Coaching Education


The Master of Science in Sport Coaching Education is designed around the National Standards for Sport Coaches' to help professionals develop an advanced understanding of training and leadership techniques, human mental and physical development, sport skills, and the latest technological advancements in athletic performance. The curriculum has been designed and developed to enable students to acquire and demonstrate a set of coaching skills through a combination of required courses, research and experiential components.

The master’s degree program is available fully online.

Career Opportunities

The degree program is designed to prepare students for advanced career opportunities in coaching fields within the intercollegiate, interscholastic, and youth sport areas.

Special Program Requirements

A previous record of academic study or previous experience in coaching is highly recommended for those interested in pursuing a master’s in sport coaching education.

Practicum Experience

HPR 696 (Practicum) offers the student the opportunity to apply classroom knowledge in the actual work environment under the tutelage of an athletic administrator, coach or sport professional. Each semester hour of academic credit requires a minimum of 50 clock hours of on-the-job training and is performed under the framework of a contract mutually agreed upon by the student, faculty supervisor, and agency personnel. Students are evaluated by their selected supervisor at two time points during the semester related to job skills specific to the coaching profession. Other related coursework is required.

Program Plan

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Program Contact Information

Dr. Melissa Thompson – Assistant Professor

P: (601)-266-6999 Email: Melissa.Murray@usm.edu Room: HPR 226

Last Updated: February 28, 2013