Ph.D. in Human Performance

The PhD program in human performance prepares future academicians in human movement sciences. The program focuses on experimental, quasi-experimental and non-experimental designs as well as the measurement principles associated with implementing these designs for common variables in the kinesiology disciplines.

Students will be provided with a solid foundation in discipline-specific knowledge and research tools. Students can choose one of the three emphasis areas: biomechanics, exercise physiology or sport pedagogy.

Plan of Study (72 hrs)

Research Tools (19-21 hrs)

HPR 704 Design and Measurement in Kinesiology (3 hrs)
REF 761 Quantitative Analysis I (3 hrs)
REF 762 Quantitative Analysis II (3 hrs)
CIS 790 Qualitative Research in Curriculum and Instruction (3 hrs)**
HPR 791 Research (4-6 hrs)
HPR 840 Readings in Kinesiological Research (3 hrs)
**Course can be substituted with another advisor approved research course

Human Performance Core (24 hrs)

HPR 750 Foundations of Human Movement (3 hrs)
HPR 751 Historical and Social Foundations of Kinesiology (3 hrs)
HPR 780 Graduate Seminar (6 hrs)
HPR 898 Dissertation (12 hrs)

Cognate (12 hrs)

As an example:
Higher Education (choose 4 of the following courses)
HE 713 Curricula in Higher Education
HE 714 Higher Education Finance
HE 715 Teaching in Higher Education
HE 716 Legal Issues in Higher Education
HE 718 Human Resources in Higher Education
HE 777 The Professoriate
HE 800 Seminar: Higher Education Leadership
HE 814 Organization and Administration of Higher Education


Emphasis Requirements (select one)

Sport Pedagogy Emphasis (15 hrs)

HPR 752 Motor Behavior (3 hrs)
HPR 753 Observation and Assessment of Motor Skills (3 hrs)
HPR 755 Theories of Learning in Sport Pedagogy (3 hrs)
HPR 756 Advanced Psychological Theories of Sport Pedagogy (3 hrs)
HPR 821 Administration of Sport Pedagogy Programs (3 hrs)

Biomechanics Emphasis (17 hrs)

HPR 703 Advanced Kinesiology (3 hrs)
HPR 734 Advanced Biomechanics (3 hrs)
HPR 752 Motor Behavior (3 hrs)
HPR 815 Instrumentation in Kinesiology (3 hrs)
HPR 831 Gross Anatomy (3 hrs)
HPR 831L Gross Anatomy Lab (2 hrs)

Exercise Physiology Emphasis (16 hrs)

HPR 701 Advanced Exercise Physiology I (3 hrs)
HPR 701L Advanced Exercise Physiology I Lab (2 hrs)
HPR 706 Cardiovascular Physiology (3 hrs)
HPR 733 Nutrition in Human Performance (3 hrs)
HPR 805 Advanced Exercise Physiology II (3 hrs)


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Program Contact Information

Dr. Gary Krebs - Assistant Director and Clinical Instructor

P: (601)-266-6624 Email: Room: HPR 112

Last Updated: December 15, 2014