Sports and High Performance Materials

Program Research Examples

  • Dave Krzeminski’s research goals include quantifying and understanding the myriad of environmental exposures that an engineered football helmet's outer shell material experiences during its service life. With a focus towards how the resulting degradative processes/products ultimately reduce the polymeric shell's capacity to manage impact energy and potentially increase the risk of head injury to the athlete. His findings are published in the Journal of Sports Engineering and Technology
  • Nadine Lippa's doctoral research aims to understand the human-material interface of the running athlete and shoes designed to mitigate or prevent overuse injuries. She considers human performance elements of running biomechanics to improve mechanical aging and molecular-level polymer science characterization techniques used to evaluate the efficacy of ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) foam, the primary energy damping component found in the midsole of running shoes. Nadine also researches the human component of injury with respect to muscular contractions in preparation for landing impact, as a function of foam thickness to understand potential differences between traditional and minimalist running shoes
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Last Updated: January 12, 2015