Student Grievance & Appeal Procedures

Southern Miss has in place policies and procedures for those instances when problems happen. As stated in the Student Grievance Policy,

The right of each student to resolve grievances with the university is affirmed, and specific appeal procedures are hereby established to ensure timely and appropriate consideration of each grievance.  Student grievances generally originate at the department level, and the resolution of the grievance is sought at the department level.  The exceptions to this procedure are the grade review procedure, appeals originating in the student judicial council and the Office of the Dean of Students, and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. 

Informal Resolution of a Student Grievance

The first step in dealing with most complaints is generally to discuss the issue with the university faculty or staff individual who is most involved with the issue. Except for the exceptions noted above, if that discussion is not satisfactory, a student should try to discuss the matter with that person’s immediate supervisor (e.g., chair of an academic department, the director of a university service office, etc.).  For appropriate contacts, please click here.

Formal Resolution of a Student Grievance

In those instances where an informal process is not applicable or where that the result of that process is unsatisfactory, then the student needs to follow the procedures included in the links below, which require the submission of a written complaint:

Academic Status Appeal

Admissions Appeal 

Campus Lighting Comments

Chartered Organizations - Judicial Decision Appeal Procedure

Discrimination or Harassment Complaints

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

Financial Aid Suspension Appeal

Grade Appeal

Parking Ticket or Traffic Citation Appeal

Residence Life Housing Contract Appeal

Scholarship Cancellation Appeal

Student Code of Conduct Violation Appeal

Tuition Refund Appeal

Violations of University Policies Reporting Hotline

Other complaints – Student Complaint Web Portal

Other complaints – See University Grievance Policy. 

For details on university policies see the Institutional Policies website.