About Us

Welcome to Interdisciplinary Studies! 

Do you wish your major could combine theater and biology? Psychology and dance? English and economics? Marketing and sociology? Then consider a major in interdisciplinary studies!

In the Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies (BIS) program, you design an individualized major that is tailored to your educational interests and your career goals. Creative and innovative, BIS students harness their curiosity to their degree plan—learning valuable critical thinking, research and problem-solving skills along the way.

What can you do with an interdisciplinary studies degree? The answer to that is, "What can't you do?" Our majors have gone on to graduate programs, medical school, law school, careers in communication, management, the arts and the nonprofit sector, and have become small business owners. Because the program nurtures the ability to view complex problems from multiple points of view, BIS students have broad appeal. The BIS degree allows you to envision your future and to create a program that will take you there. 

Our Program

The BIS requires a total of 120 credit hours, comprised of the following:

  • 41 hours of general education courses
  • 36 hours of concentration coursework in two or more disciplines
  • 13 hours of interdisciplinary coursework (IDS 201, IDS 301, IDS 350, IDS 401, IDS 402)
  • 3 hours in Technical Writing (ENG 333) or Advanced Composition (ENG 332)
  • 27 hours of electives
  • All IDS students will produce a senior research project that integrates their areas of concentration; this project will be developed in IDS 401and executed in IDS 402.