About Us

Your Voyage of Exploration is about to Begin!

"You're in college? What's your major?"

That's always the first question, right? But for many students, there isn't one right answer to that question.

  • Maybe you are seeking a broad and flexible general education.
  • Maybe you seek solutions to a complex problem requiring knowledge from more than one field of study.
  • Maybe you just aren't sure you understand all the options available, and you'd like to explore a bit before you get pinned down. 
  • Maybe you've started in a major, but need to develop your learning and study skills in order to truly fulfill your potential.

Through a broad range of degree programs, intensive advising, and foundational coursework, we aim to foster independence of mind, a spirit of exploration and discovery, and an awareness of our common responsibility to work collaboratively towards solutions to complex problems.

So take a look around. We're here to provide some maps, to make sure the boat doesn't leak, and you haven't forgotten your pocket handkerchiefs. Plotting the course is up to you.